The NDE Institute of Trinidad in partnership with Thermal Diagnostics Limited and the Infraspection Institute, the world's foremost authorities in Thermal Imaging Training and Trinidad's only Medical Thermal Imaging Centre, have come together to offer to all who need it, COVID-19 Body Temperature Thermal Scanning Training and Certification.

To all companies and organizations using Thermal Scanning (Handheld Infrared Guns or Thermal Imagers), if your staff have not been properly Trained and Certified in the proper use and proper protocol for Body Temperature Thermal Scanning,  then there is a high probability that you are performing it incorrectly which may in turn result in incorrect or inaccurate data and interpretation. False Positives or false Negative results!

If your screening staff are not following ISO or FDA/CDC guidelines, then you may not be using the correct and authorized medical equipment and there is an extremely high probability that your data is misleading or just wrong.

To avoid false data and improper screening technique, contact us immediately for a 1-day COVID-19 Body Temperature Thermal Scanning Training and Certification course. We offer this international Training and Certification either online or in person/classroom. We will teach and certify your screening staff to be in compliance with ISO and FDA/CDC guidelines.

What you see on TV, Media and the Internet regarding Thermal Scanning is usually wrong and does not meet any approved guidelines or regulation.

We are here to help you and your organization in this pandemic time. Whether you are a government institution or private one, if you are using Thermal Scanning, your staff needs this training and certification.

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NDE Institute of Trinidad  (Trinidad): Classroom Training - $4,750 TTD:
Infraspection Institute, NJ USA: Online Training - $595 USD:
Thermal Diagnostics  (Trinidad): Medical Thermal Imaging Centre:
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IR Body Temperature Screening Training

$595 USD For Online Training
$4,750 TTD For Classroom Training