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What is certification?

According to ISO9712: Procedure, used by the certification body to confirm that the qualification requirements for a method, level and sector have been fulfilled, leading to the issuing of a certificate.

NOTE The issuing of a certificate does not authorize the holder to operate; this authority can only be given by the employer.

According to ASNT SNT-TC-1A: Written testimony of qualification.

After passing an NDT course, will I be certified?
No. Attending and passing an NDT training course does not mean you are certified, even if you sit and pass a course examination. Regardless of whatever anyone tells you, if you require to be certified in accordance to ISO9712 or CP189 standards or SNT-TC-1A guidelines, you cannot be certified after only passing a course.

How do I get certified?
The requirements for certification varies with the different standards and recommended practices, but they are usually based on the following: Attend and pass a recognized NDT training course, Gain initial practical work experience, Sit and pass certification examinations and have your vision tested.

Certification can be given either by your employer or by an authorized certifying body such as ASNT, NRcan, etc..

Can your school certify me?
No. We are not a certifying body and therefore cannot certify individuals.

ISO9712 requires that the certifying body not be the training body. And ASNT SNT-TC-1a and CP189 states that Only your employer can certify you and no one else. Not even a Level III.

Do I need to be certified to get a job?
No. It is very common and standard practice for employers worldwide to hire individuals with no practical work experience or previous NDT certification. However, they do recommend and favor individuals who have received formal classroom training. At present, there are many companies in Trinidad looking for NDT course graduates for immediate employment.

Which certification is better to get?
You should get the certification you need to perform your work. There are many different types of NDT certification and it is impractical to get all. The type of job, employer, client and equipment you will be performing NDT for or on will determine which certification is required.

In Trinidad, within the petrochemical, chemical and energy industry, SNT-TC-1A is the preferred certification.

How can I get ASNT certified?
No one and no company or organization can issue you an ASNT certificate other than ASNT. There is no such thing as ASNT Level I certification. In order to receive an ASNT certificate, you must pass exams given by ASNT and corrected by ASNT. To date, ASNT does not offer ASNT Level I certificates. ASNT does offer ASNT Level II & III certificates and ACCP Level II and III certification.

Currently There is no ASNT Level II certified inspectors in Trinidad. There are however ASNT NDT Level III and ACCP Level II and III certificate holders.

Why doesn’t my course certificate have an expiry date? I was told that NDT certification must be renewed every 3 or 5 years?
NDT training course certificates do not have an expiry date as they do not usually expire (unless stipulated by a certifying body).

NDT certification does expire and this should not be confused with NDT training course certificates.

Why should I take your NDT courses if you cannot certify me?
As mentioned above, only your employer or a certifying body can certify you. But in order for any to certify you, you must attend and pass a recognized and organized NDT training course. We provide this requirement. Without a training course, you cannot get certified.