Becoming a CWI means passing tests that require a high degree of knowledge, top-notch skills, and the ability to navigate complex codes quickly. And if you, like everyone else, have little time to study, then we have the answer.

We offer Eight days of intensive CWI training that will help prepare you to pass the AWS certification tests. Our experienced instructors will help you learn the material you need to know fast, and show you how to use and understand the latest standards.

Our CWI training is an excellent value. The price includes complete prep course work taught by veteran instructors, refreshments and lunch and AWS reference books vital to passing the AWS exam. You save time and money, too, because our training is designed to give you the greatest odds needed to pass the AWS exam on the first attempt.

NDEIT is your best local and regional source for AWS
certification exam preparation.

API 1104 Code Clinic Training:
Mon - Tues: 8 am – 5 pm
Helps prepare you for the CWI Exam (Part C) if you are testing to API 1104

This eight-hour course covers general provisions of API 1104, including qualification of welding procedures for welds containing filler-metal additions, design and preparation of the joint for production welding, nondestructive testing and acceptance standards, and automatic welding with and without filler-metal additions.

By attending, you can learn:
-  Terminology that is included in API 1104—section-by-section—and how to get to the      right section—quickly.
-  How to use the API 1104 Code by understanding the core of the problem or question.
-  API 1104 testing requirements and acceptance criteria.

To prepare for the clinic:
Arrive with a familiarity with working with codes.
Review the API 1104 Code.

NOTE: Does not include a copy of API 1104, Welding Pipelines and Related Facilities. Attendees must bring their own code book to class.

Welding Fundamentals Training (for AWS Exam Part A):
Wed – Fri: 8 am – 5 pm
Helps prepare you for the CWI Exam (Part A)

The Welding Inspection Technology Workshop is packed with information on nondestructive examination methods applicable to common welding processes. It will assist welding inspectors and welding educators with knowledge of welding and inspection fundamentals useful on the jobsite. In addition, this training will prepare examination candidates for the AWS Part A (Fundamentals) of the CWI examination.

By attending, you can learn:
Safe practices, metric practices, and metal joining and cutting processes.
Terminology and weld joint geometry and welding symbols.
Application of documents governing welding inspection and qualification.
Welding metallurgy, metal properties and destructive testing.
Evaluation of weld and base metal discontinuities.
VT and other NDE methods.

To prepare for the workshop:
Arrive with a general knowledge and experience in welding and welding processes

Complimentary resources provided with the workshop:
Welding Inspection Technology
Welding Inspection Technology Workbook
AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspector
AWS QCI:2007, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors

Visual Inspection Workshops Training (for AWS Exam Part B):
Mon - Tues: 8 am – 5 pm
Helps prepare you for the CWI Exam (Part B)

This workshop provides hands-on training in the use of weld measurement tools and plastic weld replicas to determine the sizes of various weld discontinuities. Students will compare what they find to the criteria in a sample codebook to determine the acceptability or rejection criteria of the sample weldments.

By attending this workshop, you can learn:
Use of inspection tools.
How to ensure compliance with the applicable code.
Do’s and don’ts of documentation.
When a discontinuity is acceptable.
When a discontinuity can be rejected.
Why visual inspection can be the most effective NDE technique.

To prepare for the workshop:
Arrive with a familiarity with working with manual measuring instruments and welding      gauges..

Complimentary resources provided with the workshop:
Visual Inspection Workshop Reference Manual
AWS “Book of Specifications”

Important Note: This is a C.W.I. Training Seminar ONLY. It does not include AWS CWI certification examination. We urge all students to only attempt the AWS CWI examination when all of the training content taught in our seminar can be retained in your long-term memory. This is accomplished by fully understanding the content taught. We offer each of our students free ongoing non-classroom guidance until they pass their CWI exam. CWI examination is given at MIC. Please make arrangements with MIC directly if you wish to sit the CWI examination.

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