Have your NDT Inspectors Verified By the Nations Most Trusted
Independent NDT Organization!

According to ASNT SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice:

Technical Performance Evaluation

"Periodically... the technical performance of Level I and II personnel should be evaluated and documented by a NDT Level III."

This may also be a STOW and OSH-Act requirement for many local companies.

Let NDEIT Provide Your NDT Inspectors With An Attestation Verifying Their Technical Performance.

NDEIT is the most trusted independent third party NDT training and examination organization throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region. We have absolutely no vested interest in the success or failure of any inspector or company. We are not a supplier of any NDT Level 1 or Level 2 services except for Training. We only supply NDT Level 3 services to all who need it.

Attention All NDT Contractors and Service Suppliers:

Having NDEIT verify the practical performance and capabilities of your NDT inspectors may help your organization stay compliant with all of the required acts and standards and also may be used as reassurance to your customers that your inspectors' practical skills have been verified by an Independent NDT Level 3.

Attention All End Users such as Chemical and Petrochemical Plants:

In addition of having an Approved "NDT Contractor" list, now may be the right time to supplement this list with an Approved "NDT Inspector" list. By requesting that the practical performance of all Level 2 NDT Inspectors coming into your plant be verified, this will give you the reassurance that all inspections carried out on your plants have been carried out by a verified NDT inspector. This may also meet the requirements imposed onto you by your insurance provider, legislative, customers and auditors.

NDEIT provides Qualified and Certified NDT Level 3 Third Party Technical Performance Evaluations for all companies and individuals. We have a multitude of examination test specimens to meet most industry needs.

Let Us Provide You With Your NDT Inspector Technical Performance Evaluation Verification

All Practical Performance Examinations Are Conducted According To
Approved Procedures and Codes or Standards Requirements!

NDE Institute of Trinidad Ltd.:

-  Unbiased Evaluations
-  Meets Codes and Standards Requirements
-  Confidential
-  Devoted to Quality
-  Ethical
-  Cost Effective
-  Third Party
-  Respected and,Recognized by All Local Industry

NDEIT can verify the practical performance in the following NDT methods:

PT - Liquid Penetrant Testing (Visible Dye and Fluorescent)
MT - Magnetic Particle Testing (Dry, Wet, and Wet Fluorescent)
UT - Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detection (ASME V, VIII, B31.1 & B31.3, API 1104, AWS D1.1)
UTTG - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
RT - Radiographic Testing (Welds, Plate, Pipe, Forgings)
VT - Visual Testing of Welds (For DNV Trinidad Requirements Only)

Why risk Lives, Plant Equipment and Property by having Sub-Standard NDT inspections done at your facility?

Have all NDT Inspectors practical capabilities and qualifications verified!

Have documented evidence that you have done everything "Reasonably Possible" to ensure safety!

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