Trinidad's First 3rd Party
NDT Practical Technical Performance Evaluation Examination A Success!
June 11, 2011:

NDE Institute of Trinidad Ltd is proud to announce it has just successfully completed the country’s first independent third party Practical Technical Performance Evaluation Examination in the NDT method of Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detection of Welds in accordance to ASME Section V article 4 requirements.

The performance examination was administered to two local ultrasonic testing technicians as an end-user prerequisite to conduct ultrasonic flaw detection inspection for one of the Point Lisas industrial estate's chemical plant’s plant turnaround.

The examined technicians had to perform their examination according to established NDT procedures and the ASME code requirements for calibration, examination, evaluation and reporting.

The entire examination was supervised and graded by an independent ASNT NDT Level 3 certificate holder under strict examination protocols to assure quality and integrity.

All candidates also had to agree to and sign a code of ethics agreement promising to carry out all NDT inspection to which they are qualified to in a safe, proper and ethical manner in accordance to the customer’s and code requirements. Failure to do so will result in their Technical Performance Evaluation Status being revoked.

In order to protect the integrity of this program, NDEIT will publish all names on our web site of NDT technicians who successfully pass their Practical Technical Performance Evaluation Examination:

Sonny James, owner of NDEIT: “This is truly a milestone for the NDT community in Trinidad and Tobago and also for the entire regional Industry. NDT is often underappreciated in Trinidad until something happens to fail. It is long overdue for Trinidad to realize that having qualified NDT technicians who are competent is of the utmost importance to the safety of the public and plant. Other nations (1st world as well as developing nations alike) have adopted strict standards and practices for NDT several decades ago. Yet Trinidad who is the industry capital of the West Indies has not. Poorly performed NDT by unqualified technicians may result in a catastrophic failure of a plant resulting in injury, loss of life, loss of plant and loss of income. It is a requirement by most NDT certification schemes that the ongoing technical performance of an NDT inspector be evaluated by a competent NDT Level 3, but yet this seems to be a deficiency within Trinidad’s industry. We ALWAYS do it for welding (welder’s code tests) for every job that the welder does. Why is this requirement not enforced for the Inspector that must inspect the integrity of the welder’s job? I would say the inspector has a very important responsibility in assuring the welds are sound and free from defects. This independent NDT Performance Evaluation Program that NDEIT has established for Trinidad is here to help NDT Contractors and End-Users alike. It is a documented attestation that the NDT technician has the knowledge and skill needed to perform their duties according to procedure and code requirements.”

Why Have NDT Inspectors Examined By NDEIT?

NDT Contractors:
-    Evidence that your technicians have the knowledge and capability to perform their job correctly.
-    Documented evidence for STOW and OSHA requirements.
-    Perfect marketing tool to show the quality of your technicians.
-    Compliments your in-house certification program.
-    Ability to charge a premium rate for premium technicians.
-    Be more competitive

-    Know that the NDT technicians coming to your facility have the knowledge and capability to perform     their job correctly.
-    Documented evidence for auditors, insurance providers and government inspectors.
-    Great HR and public relations tool.
-    Have a list of approved NDT inspectors rather than solely a list of approved NDT contractors who         may be using unqualified technicians.
-    Improve safety and reduce equipment failures thus increasing revenue.

For more information on NDEIT’s third party Practical Technical Performance Evaluation Examinations for NDT technicians, please feel free to contact us.

NDE Institute of Trinidad Ltd.:

-  Unbiased Evaluations
-  Meets Codes and Standards Requirements
-  Confidential
-  Devoted to Quality
-  Ethical
-  Cost Effective
-  Third Party
-  Respected and,Recognized by All Local Industry

NDEIT can verify the practical performance in the following NDT methods:

PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing (Visible Dye and Fluorescent)
MT – Magnetic Particle Testing (Dry, Wet, and Wet Fluorescent)
UT – Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detection (ASME V, VIII, B31.1 & B31.3, API 1104, AWS D1.1)
PAUT - Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
UTTG – Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
RT – Radiographic Testing (Welds, Plate, Pipe, Forgings)
VT – Visual Testing of Welds (For DNV Trinidad Requirements Only)

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