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NDEIT is committed to providing Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean with world class NDT support. NDEIT is the only organization in Trinidad & Tobago that offers third party Level III NDT consulting and services with ASNT NDT Level III certificate holders. We can work together with you to establish or improve your own NDT department.
Whether you are a fabrication company, engineering company, petrochemical plant or even an NDT service provider, we can help you with your personnel certification.
Whether it is ASNT SNT-TC-1A, CP189 or even NAS 410, NDEIT can meet your Level III needs.
The following are the Level III services we offer:
Still not sure if you require our Level III services? Keep on reading…
In some instances, if you are paying too much for contracted NDT services, it may be more cost effective to implement your own in-house NDT department and perform the inspections yourself.
If you are a fabrication or engineering company and either manufacture or repair equipment that require NDT inspections, you usually are not required to contract out 3rd party NDT services. There is a misconception in Trinidad that you must hire a 3rd party inspector. Most fabrication companies in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Canada conduct their own NDT. This saves on cost and ensures quality control. This is an internationally accepted practice and Trinidad is no exception.
Do you have inspectors performing NDT inspection after they have completed an NDT training course and think that they are now certified because they passed the course? Well, unfortunately you are incorrect and may be financially liable and now with the new OSH act in Trinidad, you may even be criminally liable. This is another misconception that most have. Passing a course does not mean you are certified or even qualified to perform NDT. A course certificate is only a course certificate. It is Not NDT certification, even if it is signed by a Level III. This is true internationally.
If your personnel must be certified according with ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A guidelines or ASNT’s CP189 standard and if you do not have an approved NDT written practice for your company, then you do not have any certified NDT inspectors. Even if you just hired experienced NDT inspectors from another NDT company and have their previous employer’s certification documentation, they are not certified. In order for your company to certify your NDT inspectors, you must have an approved NDT written practice.
Did you hire a freelance NDT inspector to perform NDT work and think that because he has documentation of certification from his previous employer that he is a certified NDT inspector and you can use him for jobs as a certified inspector? This is another misconception. If you must provide certified NDT inspectors that comply with SNT-TC-1A guidelines, then you must examine, qualify and certify all independent freelance NDT inspectors you use. Freelance inspectors cannot certify themselves as individuals. Only an employer can certify their own inspectors.
If your personnel must be certified according with ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A guidelines or ASNT’s CP189 standard and you do not have either an in-house or third party NDT Level III, then you cannot certify your NDT inspectors. You must have an NDT Level III to qualify all NDT inspectors for certification.
If you answered YES to any one of the above, then you need Level III services.
NDEIT can help. Just give us a call or send us an email.
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