At NDEIT, all of our certification courses fully meet and exceed both ASNT's SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice and NRCan's CGSB requirements for NDT training.

So what does this mean to you?

Our NDT courses are in compliance and in accordance with the training requirements set forth by the relevant Canadian and American NDT rules, guidelines and recommended practices.

You can use an NDEIT course certificate as proof that you attended and passed a course and examination in a specific NDT method and Level.

An NDEIT course certificate is accepted and recognized by: the Canadian Certifying Body, the Canadian Institute of NDE and employers Worldwide.

You can use an NDEIT certificate to gain employment. Most companies in the Caribbean and the United States work and certify their NDT Inspectors in accordance to ASNT's SNT-TC-1A recommended practice. Since our certificate meets and exceeds this practice, employers would accept our certificate towards their company's SNT- TC-1A certification program.

You can use an NDEIT certificate to become ISO based certified. Since our NDT courses are recognized and accepted as meeting the Canadian Certifying Body's requirements for ISO9712 NDT training, you can use our course certificate to sit your ISO9712 certification exam with Centralized Certifying Bodies such as NRCan's CGSB, ASNT's ACCP, BINDT's PCN, etc

Also, since our certificates are third party and not employer based, it is more widely accepted as quality NDT training by clients and end-users.

So what is the difference Between Employer Based and Centralized Certification?

Employer Based Certification can only be issued by your employer. This is the entire basis of ASNT's SNT-TC-1A certification.

The misconception that you are ASNT certified level 1 or 2 is false. You are Not ASNT certified, rather you are certified by your employer based on the company's SNT-TC-1A written practice.

This is the most common way of NDT certification throughout the Caribbean and the United States. No one except your employer can certify you NDT Level 1, 2 or 3 SNT-TC-1A. Once you leave your employer, you are no longer considered certified. It is the responsibility of your next employer to re-certify you.

Centralized Certification is when an Outside Body who is accepted by the NDT community as a Certifying Agency issues you your NDT certification. Examples of Centralized Certifications are:

CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2006: This is an ISO9712 based certification issued by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

ACCP: This is an ISO9712 based certification issued by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).

PCN:  This is an ISO9712 based certification issued by The British Institute of NDT (BINDT).

These Centralized Certifications from the above Certifying Bodies are Third Party and therefore Not Employer Based. You can use this certification from employer to employer and company to company. The certification is yours and therefore your responsibility to keep active and renewed. Your employer cannot keep or withhold your certification.

Centralized Certifications are more widely accepted and recognized around the world, especially in countries that require ISO certification in order to perform NDT inspections.

So what should I choose?

It is up to you and is dependant on factors such as:

-  Where do you want to work?
-  What does your client and or company require?
-  What is your budget for training and certification?
-  How marketable do you want to be?
-  Do you want your certification to be yours or the company's?
-  And more

Whichever way you want to go with certification, our NDT training courses and certificates meet both Employer Based and Centralized Certification requirements.