Last Name     First Name       ID No.#     NDT Method       Spec./Code        Address              Expiry Date

AliAlex Amir 00111UT - Thickness ASME/ASTMTrinidad     Sep. 25, 2019
AliHafiz00102UT - Flaw AWS D1.1     Oropouche Oct. 20, 2016
AliHafiz00102MT - Yoke.      AWS/API/ASME    Oropouche Oct. 20, 2016
AliHafiz00102PT - Vis. Dye   AWS/API/ASME    OropoucheOct. 20, 2016
Baal    Chabindra 00110UT - Thickness ASME/ASTMTrinidad      Sep. 25, 2019
James Gary 00109PT - Vis. Dye   AWS/API/ASME   Trinidad     Sep. 23, 2019
James Gary 00109MT - Yoke.      AWS/API/ASME    Trinidad     Sep. 25, 2019
Jerrybandan Bharrat     00108PT - Vis. Dye   AWS/API/ASME   Trinidad     Sep. 23, 2019
MaharajTaran Vishnu   00103UT - Flaw  ASME   Barrackpore      Dec. 20, 2016
Ramlogan    Adesh      00101UT - Flaw         ASME           Marabella  Jun. 9, 2016
Rinfret  Jesse J.   00104UT - Thickness ASME/ASTMSan Fernando    Jan. 7, 2017
Ramkissoon Marlon     00105UT - Flaw ASME   PISL / Couva     Jul. 21, 2018
Radhay       Stephan  00106 UT - Flaw ASME   PISL / Couva     Jul. 21, 2018
Sadaphal     Anderson 00107PT - Vis. Dye   AWS/API/ASME   Trinidad     Sep. 23, 2019
Practical Technical Performance Evaluation Examination Successful Candidates
The following lists of names are of individual NDT technicians that have successfully passed a practical technical evaluation examination assessment by NDEIT. These candidates have been examined on the practical application of the listed NDT method in accordance to specific NDT procedures, specifications and code requirements.

Only names publicly listed on NDEIT's web site have been examined by NDEIT. This site is meant to be used as a means of verifying the validity of any NDT technicians claim to successfully passing our practical technical evaluation examinations.


Successfully passing the practical technical performance evaluation examination does not authorize the technician to perform any inspections, interpretations or evaluations. This is the sole responsibility of the employer.

This examination is not a practical certification or re-certification examination. It is a performance evaluation of a technician’s ability to carry out the specific NDT method according to established NDT procedures or codes.

NDEIT or Sonny James shall not be held liable or responsible for any actions taken or not taken by the examined technician, the employer, end user or any other third party for any reason whatsoever. NDEIT and Sonny James are limited only to administering, supervising, evaluating and grading the performance evaluation examination(s) and does not provide any authorization, recommendation or certification as this is the sole responsibility of the employer